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Hello everyone!!

My name is Pixie and I've been playing Habbo since December 2009. I love collecting badges, completing mazes and hanging out and chatting with some of my lovely friends!

I am a regular Puhekupla visitor because I love finding out what all the new furni and badges look like before they are even released on Habbo

My Habbo username is Pixierockstar.

Please feel free to leave a message here in my guestbook!
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sh3llsh3ll 26-08-2014 21:58:05
Hey boo

LiquefiedFilth 07-04-2014 13:34:40
Yeah, a little badge upload issues, all will be sorted ASAP!

Rageronenine 05-02-2014 19:27:49
Hi Pixie

sh3llsh3ll 13-01-2014 23:23:50
Google a image then click that head icon on top then should look like this [url then paste link [url=here]

sh3llsh3ll 12-01-2014 22:42:08

sh3llsh3ll 12-01-2014 21:50:27

sh3llsh3ll 10-01-2014 02:45:25
Watch this video I made with my cats

sh3llsh3ll 08-01-2014 01:58:14
Hello Wifey

sh3llsh3ll 03-01-2014 19:58:29
Happy New Years

sh3llsh3ll 20-12-2013 20:43:05
Merry Christmas!

LiquefiedFilth 11-12-2013 02:09:46
AH NO! I'm really sorry, don't worry we have plenty of competitions coming up in the new year and getting PixelBlitz back to a monthly thing too! Plenty of chances to get them badges

LiquefiedFilth 10-12-2013 22:15:37
Yeah sorry! It did say that but it was a complete typo, all our competitions are scheduled precisely. Sorry, you didn't miss out did you?!

Michaels 20-11-2013 20:15:46
Hey hey you you

sh3llsh3ll 17-11-2013 04:53:15
really pixie a new badge x.x LOL CONGRADZ

LiquefiedFilth 15-11-2013 20:08:16
Hey! Congrats on the riddle badge!

sh3llsh3ll 10-11-2013 17:06:03
gobble gobble

sh3llsh3ll 18-10-2013 21:41:35
How's it going?

Terregan 15-10-2013 21:29:32

sh3llsh3ll 29-06-2013 08:33:54
hey boo stop being a stranger

sh3llsh3ll 20-06-2013 04:39:37
I've been on my ipod alot haha instagram is my new thang gurl you need to get one!!!!!! and skype me

sh3llsh3ll 14-06-2013 21:40:45

sh3llsh3ll 14-06-2013 21:26:37
I always thought I'd look weird with blonde hair but I have a few highlights of blonde and I love it. Tony and I are back together, and I am just goofy as ever!!! tell me when you get on habbo

sh3llsh3ll 13-06-2013 04:21:18
that's okay, yways you need to catch up with me any hehehehe jk, I am going BLONDE!

sh3llsh3ll 10-06-2013 04:32:19
Congradz boo I knew you would win! you were amazing and I am jealous of the badge now hand it over!

Vado 06-06-2013 09:00:22
Hahaha I had to test the badge to make sure it worked, and Mark removed the tool to remove badges from users.. so I'm stuck with it for now! But you're the rightful winner.

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