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Collectible Skull Masks!
There are six of these Skulls to collect, each with their own badge. Collect all six and you'll get a bonus Skull Collector's Badge! NOTE: each skull is available for 24 hours only!

Floral Festival Skull
7 + 10

MFT13 (badge)
Collectible Skull 1

Seer's Festival Skull
7 + 10

MFT14 (badge)
Collectible Skull 2

Mystic Festival Skull
7 + 10

MFT15 (badge)
Collectible Skull 3

Bountiful Festival Skull
7 + 10

MFT16 (badge)
Collectible Skull 4

Divine Festival Skull
7 + 10

MFT17 (badge)
Collectible Skull 5

Opulent Festival Skull
7 + 10

MFT18 (badge)
Collectible Skull 6

MFT19 (badge)
Skulls Mega Collector

¡Máscaras Calavéricas Coleccionables!
Cabeças Boho Colecionáveis!
Keräiltävät kallot!
Masque Crâne à collectionner !
Maschere Teschio da Collezione!
Verzamelbare Schedel Maskers!
Schädelmasken zum Sammeln!
Koleksiyon Kafatası Maskeleri!

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