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By Puhekupla_Staff at 06-02-2020 17:13:57
SID 2020!

Positive Vibes Only!
We've all experienced first hand just how toxic the internet can be, but this time we want to show you just how a little positivity goes a long way both online and in real life.

How to play:

- A troll is going around Habbo bullying your friends, your mission will be too stop him before it's too late.
- Step on the red tiles in order to reach your friends.
- Make sure all the tiles have turned green for the bot to go away.
- Once the bot has left, the black doors will open allowing you to move forward.
- You will have to move quickly, you only have 8 seconds to help each friend.
- After you've gotten rid of the bot, take the teleport to continue. Good luck!

V2010 (badge)
Positive Vibes Only! - SID 2020

Safety First!
Lately you've been having a hard time accessing your Habbo account and you have that horrible feeling that someone is trying to hack into it...
Luckily it's not too late! You can still fight back and take the necessary measures to protect your account and all your precious furnis.

How to play:

- Protect your account by avoiding the hacking attempts (pink toys) the hacker is sending your way.
- Once you've scored 9 points, your password will be changed and you'll need to pull the lever to continue.
- Your next step will be to turn the safety lock feature on.
- Unfortunately the hacker will not give up that easily... Make sure you use the cannon to get rid of his last attempts to access your account.
- Once you've scored 5 points the safety lock on your account will be enabled.
- Don't forget to pull the lever to collect your prize!

V2011 (badge)
Safety First! - SID 2020

Internet Security Expert

V2012 (badge)
Internet Security Expert - SID 2020

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