Habboween 2020 - Habbo
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Habboween 2020: The Impossible House!

NEW: Pandora Chests!
These chests have a small chance of containing a Cursed Pandora's Chest when clicked! Check the Catalogue for all probabilities.

Here's the full picture

Code: hween_c20_pandorabox
Name: Pandora Chest

Includes one of the following items:

Code: hween_r20_evilpandorabox
Name: Cursed Pandora Chest
Probability: 5%

Pack: Bloody Outfit
Probability: 7%

Pack: Witch Outfit
Probability: 8%

Code: hween_c18_labglovebox
Name: Contaminant Handling Box
Probability: 9%

Code: clothing_demonoutfit
Name: Robes of the Lost Souls
Probability: 10%

Code: hween_c16_bed
Name: Four Poster Bed
Probability: 10%

Code: hween_c15_busstop
Name: Haunted bus stop
Probability: 10%

Code: hween_c19_bewitchedcauldron
Name: Witch's Cauldron
Probability: 13%

Code: hween_c17_torturebed
Name: Torture Rack
Probability: 13%

Code: hween_c19_fireplace
Name: Witch's Fireplace
Probability: 15%

¡NUEVO: Cofres Pandora!
NOVO: Arcas de Pandora!
UUTTA: Pandoran lippaat!
NOUVEAU : Coffre de Pandore
NUOVI: Scrigni Pandora!
Nieuw: Pandora Kisten!
NEU: Pandora-Truhen!
YENİ: Pandora Kutuları!

NEW: Eerie Porch Bundle!
Do you enter the Impossible House? Or do you not? Exclusive badge included!

HSE01 (badge)
Eerie Porch Bundle

199 credits
90 credits + 90 diamonds

¡NUEVO: Lote Porche Misterioso!
NOVO: Pack Varanda Fantasmagórica!
UUTUUS: Aavemainen veranta!
NOUVEAU : Pack Porche étrange !
NUOVO: Affare Stanza Portico Misterioso!
Nieuw: Eerie Porch Bundel!
NEU: Unheimlicher Wintergarten Bündel!
YENİ: Ürkütücü Veranda Oda Paketi!

NEW: Creepy Living Room Bundle!
There's something really wrong with this living room. Go check it out, we think you'll agree. Includes exclusive badge.

HSE03 (badge)
Creepy Living Room Bundle

199 credits
90 credits + 90 diamonds

¡NUEVO: Lote Sala de Estar Espeluznante!
NOVO: Pack Sala Impossível!
UUTUUS: Karmiva olohuone!
NOUVEAU : Pack Salon effrayant !
NUOVO: Affare Stanza Soggiorno Inquietante!
Nieuw: Griezelige Woonkamer Bundel!
NEU: Gruseliges Wohnzimmer Bündel!
YENİ: Ürpertici Oturma Odası Oda Paketi!

NEW: Haunted Library Bundle!
There's something distinctly spooky about this library. Exclusive badge included!

HSE05 (badge)
Haunted Library Bundle

199 credits
90 credits + 90 diamonds

¡NUEVO: Lote Biblioteca Encantada!
NOVO: Pack Biblioteca Assombrada!
UUTUUS: Kummituskirjasto-huonepaketti!
NOUVEAU : Pack Bibliothèque hantée !
NUOVO: Affare Stanza Biblioteca Stregata!
Nieuw: Spookachtige Bibliotheek Bundel!
NEU: Verhexte Bücherei Bündel!
YENİ: Perili Kütüphane Paketi!

NEW: Nightmarish Bedroom Bundle!
This is one bedroom you're sure to have nightmares in. Includes exclusive badge!

HSE07 (badge)
Nightmarish Bedroom Bundle

99 credits
45 credits + 45 diamonds

¡NUEVO: Lote Dormitorio de Pesadilla!
Novo: Pack Quarto dos Pesadelos!
UUTUUS: Painajaisten makuuhuone!
NOUVEAU : Pack Chambre cauchemardesque !
NUOVO: Affare Stanza Stanza da Letto da Incubo!
Nieuw: Griezelige Slaapkamer Bundel!
NEU: Grauenhaftes Schlafzimmer Bündel!
YENİ: Kabus Yatak Odası Oda Paketi!

NEW: Impossible House Clothing!
We just dropped a ton of brand new Habboween clothing. Go check it out!

Code: clothing_clownmask
Name: Clown Mask
Price: 5 credits + 10 diamonds

Code: clothing_ghost
Name: Shoulder-Stalking Ghost
Price: 5 credits + 10 diamonds

Code: clothing_pumpkinbag
Name: Pumpkin Backpack
Price: 3 credits + 10 diamonds

Code: clothing_webskirt
Name: Spiderweb Skirt
Price: 4 credits + 10 diamonds

¡NUEVO: Ropa Casa Imposible!
NOVO: Itens de vestir Casa Maluca!
UUTTA: Kauhujen talon kuteet!
NOUVEAU : Vêtements Maison Impossible !
NUOVO: Indumenti Casa Impossibile!
Nieuw: Verlaten Huis Kleding!
NEU: Unmögliches Haus Kleidung!
YENİ: İmkansız Ev Kıyafetleri!

NEW: Cursed Pandora Chests!
The chests contain one of four otherworldly entities. Each entity needs to be attacked or powered up before it disappears and a new furni or clothing item takes its place. Check the Catalogue for all probabilities!

Here's the full picture

Code: hween_r20_evilpandorabox
Name: Cursed Pandora Chest

Includes one of the following items:

Code: hween_c20_octodemon
Name: Deep Sea Terror
Probability: 25%

Code: hween_c20_tentacletable
Name: Ship's Wheel
Probability: 45%

Code: hween_c20_tentaclethrone
Name: Throne of the Depths
Probability: 45%

Code: clothing_tentaclehead
Name: Cranial Tentacles
Probability: 10%

Code: hween_c20_eyedemon
Name: Many-eyed Demon
Probability: 25%

Code: hween_c20_eyetv
Name: Watching TV
Probability: 45%

Code: hween_c20_eyesofa
Name: This Sofa is Alive
Probability: 45%

Code: clothing_multieyesface
Name: Eyes Everywhere
Probability: 10%

Code: hween_c20_evilscarecrow
Name: Hellish Scarecrow
Probability: 25%

Code: hween_c20_crookedclock
Name: Melting Grandfather Clock
Probability: 45%

Code: hween_c20_crookedtree
Name: Dying Tree
Probability: 45%

Code: clothing_crookedhat
Name: Crooked Witch Hat
Probability: 10%

Code: hween_c20_duckgoddess
Name: Divine Duck
Probability: 25%

Code: hween_c20_goddesscrystal
Name: Divine Duck Crystal
Probability: 45%

Code: hween_c20_goddessthrone
Name: Divine Duck Throne
Probability: 45%

Code: clothing_wingstiara
Name: Divine Duck Tiara
Probability: 10%

¡NUEVO: Cofres Pandora Malditos!
NOVO: Arcas de Pandora Amaldiçoadas!
UUTTA: Kirotut Pandoran lippaat!
NOUVEAU : Coffres de Pandore Maudits !
NUOVI: Scrigni di Pandora Maledetti!
Nieuw: Vervloekte Pandora Kisten!
NEU: Verhexte Pandora Truhen!
YENİ: Lanetli Pandora Kutuları!

Sobbing Fountain LTD!
What could they be sobbing about? Probably everything.

HSE13 (badge)
Sobbing Fountain LTD!

Code: hween_ltd20_tearfountain
Name: Sobbing Fountain

LTD Fuente Sollozante
Fonte Chorona LTD!
Vollottava suihkulähde LTD!
Fontaine Sanglotante LTD !
Fontana Singhiozzante LTD!
Snikkende Fontein LTD!
Schluchzende Fontäne LTD!
Ağlayan Çeşme LTD!

Impossible House games!
Venture inside the Impossible House, home to many evil creatures who are looking for their chance to escape into the real world. Will you be able to find your way out before they do?

Code: HSE16
Name: Welcome to the Impossible House!

Code: HSE17
Name: A divine mess-maker!

Code: HSE18
Name: All eyes on you!

Code: HSE19
Name: Hellish Scarecrow

Code: HSE20
Name: Terror from the deepest seas

Code: HSE21
Name: I opened Pandora'x box!

Code: HSE22
Name: Secret Badge 1/3 - Evil Pumpkin

Code: HSE23
Name: Secret Badge 2/3 - Caught in a spider's web!

Code: HSE24
Name: Secret Badge 3/3 - Wicked Bats

¡Juegos Casa Imposible!
Jogos Casa Maluca!
Kauhujen talon pelit!
Jeux Maison Impossible !
Giochi Casa Impossibile!
Verlaten Huis Games!
Unmögliches Haus Spiele!
İmkansız Ev oyunları!

RARE Living Hair!
One of the scariest pixelated hairstyles going. Rare and never to be sold again!

HSE09 (badge)
Rare Living Hair

Code: clothing_r20_possessedhair
Name: Living Hair

¡RARO Pelo viviente!
RARO Penteado Vivo!
HARVINAISET Riivatut hiukset!
RARE Cheveux Vivants !
Capelli Posseduti RARI!
Zeldzaam Levend Haar!
RARE Lebendiges Haar!
NADİRE Yaşayan Saç!

RARE Housekeeper's Hourglass!
Impossible houses have impossible housekeepers. Every time the pixels run out in this hourglass, it become exponentially harder to leave! Rare and never to be sold again!

HSE12 (badge)
Rare Housekeeper's Hourglass

Code: hween_r20_hourglass
Name: Housekeeper's Hourglass

¡RARO Reloj de Arena del Ama de Llaves!
RARO Ampulheta de Pixels!
HARVINAINEN Taloudenhoitajan tiimalasi!
RARE Sablier gardien !
Clessidra della governante RARA!
Zeldzame Magische Zandloper!
RARE Haushälter-Sanduhr!
NADİRE Temizlikçinin Kum Saati!

NEW: Impossible House Furni!
Hidden forces, bathroom-lurking monstrosities and trees that bleed. All things you will find in this Habboween's furni line: Impossible House!

Click here to go to the news page

¡NUEVO: Furnis Casa Imposible!
NOVO: Mobis Casa Maluca!
UUTTA: Kauhujen talon kamat!
NOUVEAU : Mobis Maison impossible !
NUOVI: Furni La Casa Impossibile!
Nieuw: Verlaten Huis Meubi!
NEU: Unmögliches Haus Möbel!
YENİ: İmkansız Ev Mobileri!

NEW: Pandora Chests!
The perfect decorative addition to a room full of impossibilities and illusions. NOTE: these items are standard, regular furni. They do not crack into other furni.

This is for users from .FR and .NL

Code: hween_c20_pandoraboxB
Name: Pandora Chest (non-crackable)

Code: hween_r20_evilpandoraboxB
Name: Cursed Pandora Chest (non-crackable)

RARE Pumpkin Costume!
We can probably all agree - this costume is CUTE. Rare and never to be sold again!

HSE10 (badge)
Rare Pumpkin Costume

Code: clothing_r20_pumpkinoutfit
Name: Pumpkin Costume

¡RARO Disfraz de Calabaza!
RARO Visual Abóbora!
HARVINAINEN Kurpitsa-asu!
RARE Costume de Citrouille !
Costume da Zucca RARA!
Zeldzaam Pompoenkostuum!
RARE Kürbiskostüm
NADİRE Bal Kabağı Kostümü!

RARE Melting Work of Art!
Diamond paintings are cool and all, but have you got a MELTING one? Rare and never to be sold again!

HSE11 (badge)
Rare Melting Work of Art

Code: hween_r20_meltingpainting
Name: Melting Work of Art

¡RARO Cuadro Derretido!
RARO Obra de Arte Derretida!
HARVINAINEN Sulava taideteos!
RARE Oeuvre d'art qui fond !
Opera d'Arte Sciolta RARA!
Zeldzaam Smeltend Kunstwerk!
RARE Schmelzendes Kunstwerk!
NADİRE Eriyen Sanat Eseri!

NEW: Impossible House Rares!
Take your pick from a wide selection of Impossible House rares!

This is for users from .FR and .NL

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