Pharmacy Bundle - Habbo
By Puhekupla_Staff at 06-11-2020 12:25:35
NEW: Pharmacy Bundle
Because what hospital is complete without a pharmacy? Exclusive badge included! Room made by CekiciThe (TR)

BAB02 (badge)
Pharmacy Bundle

199 credits
90 credits + 90 diamonds
Release Date: 09/11

Includes the following items:

Code: urban_lamp
Name: Street Lamp

Code: urban_bin
Name: Urban Trash Can

Code: exe_sofa
Name: Three Seat Sofa

Code: hween_c18_labtooltable
Name: Laboratory Instruments

Code: lon_base
Name: Door Block

Code: books_0
Name: Books

Code: usva_shelf
Name: White USVA Block Shelf

Code: hween_c18_spareparts
Name: Spare Parts Shipment

Code: uni_manga
Name: Manga Magazines

Code: hween_c18_labstool
Name: Laboratory Stool

Code: urban_bench
Name: Urban Bench

Code: cine_glass
Name: Glass Divider

Code: hosptl_cab1
Name: Hospital Cabinet

Code: attic15_box
Name: Cardboard Box

Code: olympics_c16_adsboard
Name: Protein Advert

Code: usva5_lamble
Name: Blue USVA Desk Lamp

Code: bathroom_floortile1
Name: Light Grey Bathroom Tile

Code: hween_c18_lablocker
Name: Scientist's Locker

Code: boutique_plant1
Name: Small Shop Plant

Code: exe_seccam
Name: Security Camera

Code: noticeboard
Name: Notice Board

Code: hween_c18_ceilingfan
Name: Ceiling Fan

Code: exe_sensor
Name: Security Sensor

Code: st_uni_poster
Name: Anatomy of a Habbo

Code: army_c15_carpet
Name: Short Blue Carpet

Code: urban_sidewalk
Name: Sidewalk

Code: clothing_labcoat
Name: Laboratory Coat

Code: val12_marble1
Name: White Marble Floor

Code: exe_copier
Name: Copier

Code: sink
Name: Sink

Code: urban_wpost
Name: Fire Hydrant

Code: rainyday_c19_cocoa
Name: Hot Chocolate

Code: hosptl_cab2
Name: Hospital Cabinet Large

Code: hween_c18_labdesk
Name: Laboratory Desk

Code: pwad
Name: Paper Balls

Code: pencils
Name: Pencils

Code: boutique_cashreg
Name: Cash Register

Code: st_uni_testtubes
Name: Test Tube Rack

Code: st_uni_dnamodel
Name: DNA model

Code: tokyo_c18_magazinerack
Name: Tokyo Magazine Rack

Code: olympics_c16_sofa
Name: Curvy Sofa

Code: hween_c18_labcurtains
Name: Ward Curtain

Code: hosptl_defibs
Name: Hospital Defibrillator

Code: exe_c15_desktidy
Name: Desk Tidy

Code: computer_flatscreen
Name: Desktop Computer

Code: roombg_city1
Name: Skyscraper City

Code: desk_junk
Name: Desk Junk

Code: olympics_c16_plantdvdr
Name: Brazilian Houseplant

Code: easter_c20_firstaidkit
Name: First Aid Kit

Code: uni_brotein
Name: Brotein Powder

Code: arabian_tile
Name: Arabian Tile

Code: olympics_c16_light
Name: Ceiling Light

Code: hween_c18_medicineshelf
Name: Medicine Cabinet

Code: santorini_c17_pottedshrub
Name: Santorini Shrubbery

Code: santorini_c17_pottedplants
Name: Santorini Greenery

Code: olympics_c16_sportsbag
Name: Sports Bag

Code: hosptl_skele
Name: Hospital Skeleton

Code: hween_c18_labtilewall
Name: Tiled Laboratory Wall

Code: hween_c18_olddocs2
Name: Discarded Computer Readouts

Code: uni_bookshelf
Name: Dorm Bookshelf

NUEVO: Lote Farmacia
NOVO: Pack Farmácia Hospitalar
UUTUUS: Apteekki-huonepaketti
NOUVEAU : Pack Pharmacie
NUOVO: Affare Stanza Farmacia
NIEUW: Apotheek Bundel
NEU: Apotheken Bündel
YENÄ°: Eczane Oda Pekti

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